(NewsNation) — Nobody was hurt after a naked man entered a home and took a woman hostage while her 93-year-old father was also at the residence, according to San Diego police.

The homeowner made a disturbing 911 call: “I have an intruder in the house that’s naked.” The woman added that the man had apparently entered the house while she was sleeping.

The woman said he was performing a lewd act in the bathroom. She feared for her father, who was in another bedroom on the second floor.

By the time police arrived, the naked man was holding her at gunpoint. Bodycam video shows a conversation that officers had with the man in which he said he “had no way out” and threatened to shoot the woman in the knee.

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Less than a minute later, a gun went off, but nobody was hurt, and officers determined it was an accidental firing.

As police continued to talk to the man, an officer climbed up a balcony and made his way to the father’s room, where he used his body to shield the man from any potential harm.

Another officer scaled the roof of the home next door and took aim at the suspect through a window. The officer fired, but the suspect wasn’t hit. Then the suspect surrendered.

Demetrius Trussell, 40, is facing 16 counts, including first-degree burglary, sexual battery and carjacking. He’s due in court Friday.

The incident was reviewed Tuesday by NewsNation host Dan Abrams, whose “Dan Abrams Live” show regularly features the sort of dangerous situations routinely faced by U.S. police.