ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s one server at the Botanic Gardens that’s giving people a lot to talk about. The Shark Cafe now has a robot server that can deliver food to guests without any breaks. 

The BioPark Society says the new robot started working in May. They say it only took four hours to be trained before it was ready to start serving guests.

“It’s a fun experience, most people get really excited when they have ‘Cayenne’ coming out,” says Shannon Sanchez, General Manager for ABQ BioPark. 

Cayenne is the Shark Cafe’s robot server. She was created by the company Richtech Robotics in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The BioPark Society says the idea for a robot server came after the pandemic made it hard to social distance and, like many places, there was a lack of employees. They say having a robot server has made all the difference. 

“But it is really fun too – especially when we’re busy – to be able to just pull that food down, put it on her, send her out, know it’s going and it’s gonna get there, and it’s gonna come back. And you can do ten other things while she’s out there getting it done for you, so that’s cool too,” says Shannon Sanchez, General Manager for ABQ BioPark.

Cayenne is the only server in the dining room at Shark Cafe and guests order using a QR code. The order then goes to the kitchen and the cooks place the food on Cayenne, who delivers it to the table. If the robot ever runs into a guest, she’ll even politely ask them to move. 

Cayenne can even sing Happy Birthday to guests on their special day. Although Cayenne isn’t human, the staff at Shark Cafe say she’s more than just a robot. 

“She’s part of the family, she’s part of our coworkers, you know? She helps clean up, if only she could start mopping, you know, then that would be the perfect team,” says Bryanne Guillen, BioPark Manager for Food and Beverage. 

The BioPark Society says Cayenne can run for more than 17 hours. They say they’re planning on installing two TVs next year that will show guests how to work with Cayenne in order to improve service. 

The BioPark Society says the robot has been a huge success and there are plans to potentially hire a second robot in the future.