LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– North Las Vegas police shot and killed a man who they say was wearing a Michael Myers-style mask and was threatening people and pointing a gun at them.

According to North Las Vegas Police Department, they received a call around 5:20 p.m. Monday, from a person claiming a man had pulled a gun on him at the Martin Luther King Jr. statue on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Carey Avenue. The caller then hung up.

When 911 dispatch tried to call the man back, they received no answer. Police said officers were sent to the location but were unable to locate the caller or the potential suspect.

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Roughly 15 minutes later, police said they received a call back from the man who made the initial call. He said he couldn’t answer because he was trying to avoid being shot.

Another caller, several minutes later, from the Carey Mini Market said the man was pointing a gun at customers before walking out in the middle of the street towards the North Las Vegas Justice Court, police said.

Arriving officers were able to locate the man. Police said he was wearing a Michael Myers-style Halloween mask in the park near the justice center. Police said multiple bystanders witnessed their interaction with the masked man.

“The officer repeatedly asked the suspect to stop, put his hands up, and not to reach for his firearm. The suspect ignored the officer’s commands and pulled a firearm from his waistband with numerous bystanders in the immediate vicinity,” said Officer Alexander Cuevas, the spokesperson for North Las Vegas Police Department.

The officer shot the suspect who was pronounced dead at the scene.

There were dozens of people at the scene of the shooting including a woman who said she was the mother of the shooting victim. Sharon Sanders said the police wouldn’t talk to her.

“I need them to tell me what’s going on. Why did you shoot my son? Why did you shoot him in his back? Because he took off running? You could’ve shot him with a pellet, a taser, anything. He ain’t did nothing. He took off running? That’s no reason to shoot nobody.”

Sanders said officers shot her son 17 times but police would not say how many shots were fired. The shooting is currently being investigated and more information will be released once that is completed, Cuevas said.

The officer who shot the suspect is on paid administrative leave, according to police.

The name and cause of death of the man shot will be released by the coroner’s office.