WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — It was a busy day Friday for House Republicans as they held an event to showcase their plans for the future.

“We’ve created a commitment to America,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

At a manufacturing facility in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, McCarthy unveiled what Republicans call their “Commitment to America”.

“The Democrats created a lot of problems and no plan to fix it. We have a plan, so let’s debate the plan.”

Mccarthy says if his party takes back the house, they have a plan to fix inflation, lower crime, improve supply chains, and make America energy independent.

They also promise to give parents more power in schools.

“[We need] to ensure that our economy is strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable.”

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik says Republicans will make the country stronger.

“This is our commitment to you, and these ideas on this commitment came from the American people.”

However, Democrats quickly criticized the plan and say Republicans have done nothing to fix the problems voters care about.

“This is a party of chaos and corruption,” says Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline

Cicilline says Democrats are already bringing back manufacturing jobs and are rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

“Virtually every step of the way, our Republican colleagues oppose those efforts. So it’s kind of funny to me that fifty days out from the election, they’ve suddenly decided they’re for helping working people, and they’re for lowering costs, and they’re for making communities safer.”

Neither party will know what’s next until after November’s election.