WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — Hurricane Ida plowed through the Gulf of Mexico three weeks ago, but oil refineries in the area are still struggling to get up and running.

That storm temporarily knocked off 95% of the Gulf’s oil production — Hurricane Nicholas only postponed operations even longer.

On Tuesday, 39 production platforms were still evacuated when Nicholas made landfall.

Daniel Armbruster, with AAA Texas, says so far, gas prices are remaining steady. But that could change if operations don’t pick back up soon.

Suzanne Lemieux with American Petroleum Institute says right now, federal agencies are actively inspecting operations on and off shore.

“It could be a couple of days,” said Lemieux. “It could be a little longer.”

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement says undamaged facilities will be brought back online immediately once they’re inspected. Damaged facilities will take longer to bounce back.