Violent panhandler terrorizing drivers for not giving him money


Police are looking for a violent panhandler known for terrorizing drivers at a northeast Albuquerque intersection. 

They say he has attacked two people’s car who wouldn’t give him money. They also say one of the victims jumped into action and took a video of the man.

Police are now hoping someone will recognize him.

“He first kicked it the driver’s door here kicked the passenger door here once. Kicked this door twice and this door once,” Jack Lackey said. 
Lackey said he was stopped at a light on San Mateo and Academy last week when he was approached by a homeless man. 

“I denied him money and pointed to the sign that’s on that light pole,” Lackey said. 

Lackey also said that set the man off.

“He proceeded to hit my car and I told him to stop and he kicked it again. He laughed at me the whole time he did it,” said Lackey.

Lackey then says he pulled over and called the police. While he was waiting, Lackey saw the man again and this time he approached him in an effort to get his picture to show police. 

Lackey wasn’t the only driver being terrorized that day. 

“We know that he causes problems in the area from some of the retail stores that have told us,” said Officer Simon Drobik.

Dispatchers called Lackey back and said an officer was already in the area because the same thing happened to another driver just 20 minutes before. 

“How many people is he doing this too,” Lackey said. 

Lackey said he’s reached out to the mayor’s office but worries there is no real solution. 

“You don’t give them money they assault your property you give them money you just encourage them to keep doing it,” Lackey said. 

Lackey said he hopes his encounter will remind other drivers to stay alert. Police said while the video he took is helpful, they don’t recommend it. 

“The best thing to do is create some distance from someone that’s causing damage to your vehicle or attacking you,” Drobik said. 

What the cell phone video doesn’t show is Lackey calling the man out for kicking his car. Lackey said the man ran off after that. 

Police say the man caused more than $1,000 of damage to Lackey’s car making it a felony. While he could face jail time and a fine, they say he may need mental help. 

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