KRQE News 13 Pilot Reporter Bob Martin was one of a kind. We lost our beloved Bob in a helicopter crash on September 16, 2017.

Bob was a talented pilot, reporter and photojournalist who shared his talents with viewers all over New Mexico as well as reaching people around the world online.

If you think you knew Bob Martin, you may be in for a surprise. In our tribute, “Voice in the Sky”, you’ll meet Bob Martin: the war correspondent, the world record skydiver, the documentary filmmaker, the mentor, and perhaps most of all, the adventurer.

Clips from “Voice in the Sky: A tribute to Bob Martin”


As we began to develop this tribute, we discovered in our archives a piece that aired on KRQE back in 1998. It honors Bob as he was going to try to travel around the world in a balloon. The story is almost twenty years old and at that point, Bob had already had an incredible career – and Bob was just getting started.


When wildfires ravaged our state, New Mexicans turned to KRQE News 13 Pilot Reporter Bob Martin.

He would let you know where the wildfires were heading, if people’s homes were okay, helping firefighters and authorities – providing what seemed like endless coverage for New Mexicans.

Bob felt it was his duty to report from the fire lines, and no one was better at it.


Bob had a deep appreciation for so many things in New Mexico, but he had a special place in his heart for our military.

He spent almost a year alongside New Mexico troops reporting overseas.

We sat down with some of the people who shared that experience with Bob, and they share their stories with you.

Travel, Technology, and New Mexico

Bob was a master storyteller, with his own unique twist. Bob loved sharing his travels and experiences with those who would never likely get there on their own, travelling too many places to name.

Bob covered many science and technology stories over the years, which often brought out the geek in all of us.

Bob also had a passion for New Mexico. He loved our unique landscapes, our unique culture, and our rich history.

All Types of Flight

Many of our viewers know Bob Martin as the man who, year after year, brought us stunning images from Balloon Fiesta. What you might not know is that Bob had a passion for all things related to aviation, aeronautics, and ballooning.

If it went up in the sky, or you could jump out of it, Bob wanted in.

He was a skilled skydiver who once made, what was then the highest skydive from a hot air balloon jumping out at 32,000 feet.

Bob’s passion went well beyond his own exploits. When other balloonists tested the limits of human endurance and physics, Bob jumped at the chance to document it, and share them.

In Closing

It has been said many times: Bob was a man who never wanted the spotlight. He was always looking forward to his next story or his next adventure to take you along with him.

There will never be another Bob Martin.

Godspeed Bob, our voice in the sky.