A thief took off with an Albuquerque Fire Rescue SUV in the middle of the night. Police chased him for hours, damaging vehicles in the process. 

In the lapel video, Anthony Pacheco told police the SUV was running when he hopped in. 

A three-hour-long police chase ended with 34-year-old Anthony Pacheco, crawling out of the window of the AFR chief’s vehicle that he’s accused of stealing, then mooning police. 

The chase started around 4 a.m. Police say Pacheco led them on a chase through the International District, driving over curbs, even through a cinder block wall.

One officer popped a tire trying to keep up. Pacheco eluded police again, driving into one of their vehicles to get around spike strips. 

Police eventually surrounded him after he hit a car on San Mateo and Lomas, but despite their commands he took off again.

Pacheco was finally cornered after hitting a fire hydrant and curb near Carlisle and Gibson.

He got out of the car wearing an AFR jacket. He told police he didn’t remember crashing into any other vehicles or where the stolen SUV even came from. 

“I didn’t hit no car I would remember that,” Pacheco told police. 

Pacheco remains in jail after a judge granted the state’s motion for pretrial detention. Pacheco has a long criminal history that includes drug possession and aggravated assault.