Video shows drunk driving suspect stopped in the middle of I-25, passed out


He was passed out in a car in the middle of a busy highway during rush hour. 

Police say one New Mexico man was so drunk, he didn’t even know what day it was. 

In the middle of Friday night rush hour, 44-year-old Anthony Sierra was found unresponsive behind the wheel on I-25. 

A Good Samaritan says she called 911 and followed him as he rolled to a stop, in the middle of the fast lane. 

Officer: “This guy’s got a bottle of Listerine in his lap…He’s just wasted.”

Paramedics insisted on taking him to the hospital. 

Paramedic: “The only concern I have is if you guys take him, he’s gonna blow so f****** high, when you get him up there, they’re gonna call us anyway.”

But once he comes to, Sierra gives cops an attitude. 

Officer: “Go ahead and get on in, sir.”

Sierra: “F*** you.”

The officer tried to put a seatbelt on Sierra, but he won’t cooperate. 

Sierra: “Do what you gotta do.”

Officer: “What does that mean?”

Sierra: “Do what you gotta do.”

Officer: “You’re making this harder than it needs to be, sir.” 

Eventually the officer gives up and takes him in for questioning, but his attitude only gets worse. Then suddenly, he changes his tune. 

Sierra: “I don’t wanna work for the bad side no more, I wanna work for the good side.” 

He admits to drinking, and to having a problem. He also admits to a long history of drinking and driving. 

Officer: “Eight convictions for DWI?”

Sierra: “Oh God, more than that.” 

Even though at this point he’s cooperating, Anthony Sierra still has no idea what day it is. 

Sierra: “Today is… Feb. 18?”

Officer: “February? Do you know what day of the week it is?”

Sierra: “Tuesday or Wednesday?”

The actual date? Friday, March 23. 

Sierra was then booked for a felony DWI charge. 

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