Video shows brawl in Nob Hill, neighbors wonder about police response


New video shows a brawl in the middle of Central in Nob Hill. It has business owners and neighbors wondering, where were police?

People who work and live in Nob Hill fear fights like this one will keep people away.

“It seems like Nob Hill is kind of lawless right now,” said Nob Hill resident Casey Warr.

It’s a scene residents said they don’t see very often.

“It should be different than downtown, it should be less drunk and disorderly,” Warr said. 

Over the weekend, when bars and restaurants had shut down for the night, a large crowd started throwing punches. The video showed up on Youtube soon after.

Business owners said they’re worried fights like this could damage their property. 

“I just hope they don’t break our businesses because most of us are small businesses,” said business owner Paula Steinberg. 

They also said it’s a bad look for the area and hope it doesn’t scare off customers.

“People from other parts of Albuquerque, it makes them not want to come down here which hurts everybody down here,” Steinberg said. 

The video cuts off and doesn’t show how it ended. Albuquerque police said they never showed up. 

There is a police substation about a block away, but it currently isn’t staffed. APD said their focus is typically on another area of Central. 

“We don’t have quite the presence in the Nob Hill area as we do in the downtown area. Downtown is more saturated with bars, Nob Hill is more restaurants and bars,” said Officer Simon Drobik.

Yet, just two years ago police responded to a similar brawl in the same area. Those who enjoy Nob Hill hope people start behaving.

“I just hope it doesn’t scare people away. This place needs people to be up here,” Warr said.

Albuquerque police said if fights increase, they will look at adding more officers patrolling Nob Hill.

Police say if officers did arrive, those involved would have been arrested on a misdemeanor public affray charge. 

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