Video shows arrest of suspect in 2008 attack


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) โ€“ New video shows the arrest of the man accused of beating a Cibola High School student nearly to death nine years ago.

When police finally nabbed Justin Hansen in front of his three young kids, he acted like he had no idea why they were coming for him. This, despite detectives questioning him just a few months prior about the attempted murder of Brittani Marcell.

“You’re wanted for some stuff, ok?” an officer told Hansen on lapel video.

“I didn’t do anything wrong though,” Hansen said.

Almost a decade of mystery came down to the moment 33-year-old Justin Hansen was arrested in the Los Lunas Albertson’s parking lot on Wednesday night. He tried to console his three kids with him in a shopping cart.

Brittani Marcell was 17 when she was attacked with a shovel in September 2008 in her westside home.

Severely injured and with no memory of the attack, Marcell recalled Hansen’s name just last year as someone who routinely visited her at her Cottonwood Mall job at a sunglasses store.

A criminal complaint unsealed Friday states Hansen worked at the Hollister there, and that the two knew each other through the sister of the mother of Hansen’s first child. Justin Hansen’s old phone number was also found in Marcell’s contacts.

In January, detectives questioned Hansen at his Bosque Farms home and said he gave conflicting stories on how well he knew Marcell back then — going from pretty well to hardly at all.

Meanwhile, a witness said she once saw Hansen spend more than an hour talking to Marcell, and a friend of Hansen’s told Albuquerque Police he’s always had a thing for young women.

When Hansen refused to give his DNA to detectives earlier this year, undercover officers followed him from his job at Car Crafters in the North Valley to a McDonald’s and swiped his DNA from a discarded cup. That cup ended up being the linking piece.

Hansen played ignorant with officers as they cuffed him, but Albuquerque Police investigators are sure this is the guy they have been looking for all along.

Another new detail of the attack has also surfaced: After the attack, police found duct tape along with a shovel in Marcell’s home. There’s still no indication for a motive, or what happened in the moments before the attack.

Marcell had gone home from Cibola to meet her mom for lunch when she was attacked.

Police said the front door was locked when Marcell’s mom arrived and that she opened it to find the attacker standing near Marcell with a shovel.

Police said attacker jumped through a window to escape, cutting himself and leaving evidence behind.

Earlier this year when police first interviewed Hansen, they noticed a suspicious scar on his hand. Police say his story about the scar changed several times and he refused to give a DNA sample.

Hansen faced his first court appearance Friday. He remained quiet throughout the entire hearing as attorneys discussed evidence against him.

Members of his family packed the courtroom, including the mother of his three youngest children, whom he recently divorced.

Also there were two of Marcell’s sisters, who said they just had to be there to see Hansen. The family says Brittani and her mom will likely travel to Albuquerque for the upcoming hearings. They want Hansen to see first-hand what heโ€™s accused of doing to their sister.

Hansen will be back in court on Tuesday for his detention hearing where he will find out if a judge will keep him locked up without bond.

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