SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video on social media shows a restaurant in Santa Fe looking more like a dance club at night and violating the public health order. The video is from a Facebook Live on September 27 at Birrieria Adelitas Restaurant. It shoulds people dancing close together, most people without masks.

The owners of the restaurant didn’t want to talk with KRQE News 13 on camera but did answer questions. They claim they were not at the restaurant the night it happened and were ‘shocked’ to see what happened in the video take place at their business.

They say they have been following the public health order and that this video was just a bad moment caught on camera. People in town who saw the video say they understand feeling stir crazy in the pandemic but said this is dangerous.

“I can understand this restaurant wanting to get out in the community again, bond with their friends and family and have the opportunity to feel human and like there isn’t a pandemic going on. I think the difficult part is, it is. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it is important for us to take the precautions necessary to keep each other safe,” one New Mexico resident said. “So many people have made sacrifices to keep each other healthy and safe…To me, this situation seems like, it’s a community that’s just trying to get back to feeling normal again but it’s just probably a bit too soon.”

In the video, only a couple of people in the crowd are seeing wearing masks as everyone dances close together. The owners say they do not know if there was a live performer that night but say they have not hosted any karaoke. But, videos on the restaurant’s Facebook page from earlier in September show they are hosting karaoke nights and also show people dancing again without masks.

The governor’s office said via email karaoke, without a mask, in a restaurant, while others are eating is not permitted under the public health order. It went on to say:

“Besides the fact that singing, especially in a restricted indoor setting like a restaurant, is very dangerous due to its being a super-spreader, the COVID-safe requirements for restaurants are clear that all patrons must be wearing a mask unless eating or drinking while seated.”

The owners of Birrieria Adelitas said they plan on putting up more signage encouraging social distancing and telling people it is a restaurant and not a bar. Santa Fe Police said the department has not received any complaints about the restaurant.