New police video shows what kind of state a mail carrier was in when he was arrested while making deliveries. 

He has a lot of excuses for not wanting to do field sobriety tests, including he doesn’t know his right from his left.

In the video, the mail carrier told officers he hadn’t been drinking, but, you can watch as police find vodka hidden in an apple juice bottle.

“I lost control of the truck and took off that way. I went to swerve and avoid the rock,” said Kevin Brown. 

Postal worker Kevin Brown, 28, told police that was the reason his truck ended up in the yard of a Rio Rancho home on Monday.

Neighbors say he fell out of the truck after the crash, but he told officers he was wearing his seatbelt.

When officers asked him if he’d had any alcohol, he told them, “no.” But he refused to take a breath test and ran into trouble during the field sobriety testing.

“What if I’m dyslexic? My right and my left I don’t know,” Brown said 

“Dyslexia has nothing to do with doing this test, I guarantee it,” an officer said. 

The officer even tried to help Brown with figuring out his left arm from his right, but Brown still couldn’t get it right.

“You know what’s kind of scary? You’re driving a vehicle around and you don’t know left from right,” the officer said. 

Police say they found drugs in the mail truck and a suspicious apple juice bottle. 

“You smell like vodka and that’s exactly what’s in here,” the officer said. 

What is never seen in the police lapel is the large rock that Brown says he was trying to avoid.

The Postal Service says it’s investigating. In the meantime, they say Brown isn’t driving one of their trucks.

The police report says this is Brown’s second DWI.