The man who says he was badly beaten by a former BCSO sergeant while in custody, is now coming after him legally. 

His attorney says not only could he have died from the attack, but says the sergeant likely was setting a bad example for other deputies. 

“They could have killed him,” said Louren Oliveros, the attorney representing Christopher Lucero.  

In March of last year, Christopher Lucero’s attorney says Bernalillo County deputies sent him to jail badly beaten and in a neck brace. A month prior, he looked like a completely different person. 

It all happened after deputies say Lucero drove toward oncoming traffic, then toward people walking along Arenal and Atrisco. 

A chase ensued, but the supervisor of Sgt. David Priemazon says he went too far after they caught Lucero, using excessive force.  

“While searching for his hands, I observed the subject’s head being kicked once. I looked up into the direction of where the kick came and saw my sergeant standing there,” said Deputy Andrew Limon at a hearing last November.  

Priemazon was charged with aggravated battery, but now, Lucero is suing him along with three other deputies and the county. 

“His face was kicked in and he needed medical treatment… and the officers all know this, the reason why you can’t kick someone in the face or head because obviously, you could kill somebody,” said Oliveros.  

Lucero’s attorney said her client has permanent facial injuries from the beating. She says he was completely defenseless at the time, and that Priemazon, being a superior, was setting a bad example. 

“When you’re a supervisor and you use deadly force, you are teaching, and encouraging other officers to use it,” she said. 

Lucero is seeking damages for his physical injuries and trauma, loss of earnings, and his medical expenses. Both Lucero and Priemazon are awaiting trial for their individual criminal charges concerning the incident.

David Priemazon is also suing the county, stating he did not use excessive force and the county is retaliating against him.