People who knew the Utah man shot to death inside an Albuquerque brewery over the weekend are describing him as a family man and dedicated veterinarian.

It’s still unclear why Cody Wrathall, 43, was at the brewery and in Albuquerque before police say he was shot by at least one off-duty FBI agent.

Albuquerque police responded to Nexus off I-25 and Montgomery around 9 p.m. Saturday after a woman called, saying she was being stalked. Then, calls about a shooting followed.

Wrathall was shot inside Nexus and police said he died at the hospital.

Police would not say if Wrathall was that reported stalker or what his motive was for allegedly pulling out a gun inside the building before he was shot.

“Off-duty federal agents saw an individual brandish a firearm inside,” APD Officer Simon Drobik said on Saturday. “They returned fire to stop his action to protect the female. That individual was shot by the federal agency.”

Wrathall’s boss at a veterinary clinic in Utah, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, confirmed Wrathall worked at the clinic for more than two years and said the news brings a great loss to their community.

“Dr. Wrathall was both a great employee and veterinarian for us. He was a great family man. He spent a lot of time with his three children,” said Dr. Beau Beck, co-owner of South Valley Large Animal Clinic. “Just a great employee, a great person and a great family man and that’s what we hope people will remember about him.”

The clinic’s office manager on Monday morning confirmed to KRQE News 13 that Wrathall was the same man who died at Nexus over the weekend.

Wrathall has no criminal history in New Mexico, and Nexstar affiliate KTVX said he has a couple speeding tickets in Utah.

However, APD said on Saturday, an off-duty FBI agent inside Nexus saw Wrathall pull out a gun, and at some point at least one agent shot at Wrathall, killing him.

Nexus re-opened Monday for the first time since the shooting, and customers said they still have questions about what led up to the shooting and why Wrathall was there.

“What this person’s individual story is or why they lose it? Or, why anybody goes into a public place brandishing a gun is always beyond me,” Nexus customer Jered Ebenreck said. “And towards what end? Right? I mean, you don’t walk into a restaurant with a gun without intending to do harm.”

On Monday, the FBI said agents from its Inspection Division have now joined the investigation.

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