LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – People in one New Mexico community are angry tonight, calling for Valencia county to stop an oil company from moving in. At Thursday night’s meeting, there was quite the turnout. Close to 100 people in the crowd all to voice their concerns over a new plan, to allow oil drilling in Valencia county.

During the meeting, as many in the community called out the county commission for approving the natural resource overlay zone plan. It began in May when the county passed an ordinance that would allow developers to drill for oil without a change in zoning. But in June, the commission repealed the ordinance, chalking it up to not allowing public input before they passed it.

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“Exactly why there was no public input requested by the Valencia county commission throughout the process of writing this ordinance…I would like to point out that it honestly like its despicable,” said one woman who spoke at the hearing.

During the public hearing, Jalapeno Corporation president, New Mexico oil man Harvey Yates, defended the ordinance. “You can propose to the county areas for natural resource development, be it mining, gravel, exploitation of subterranean resources,” said Yates

Yates says it would benefit the community. “New jobs, new businesses, increase in land values, increase in housing values, increase in mineral rights values, and, and so forth.”

However many in the community are telling yates to take his business elsewhere. “We just want to advocate for the rural character of the county as well. This is our way of life out here and it’s being threatened,” said Deirdra Velazquez, a member of Valencia Water Watchers.