SANTA FE (KRQE) – It’s the classics, performed in a new way. Saturday, UNM theater students took their talents to the Rail Runner.

“I like to call this down and dirty theater, cause it’s not in a theater where there’s an audience that pays” said Actor Grey Blanco.

Well, it’s actually not in a theater at all. The group boarded a train, hoping to spread their love of performing arts to a fresh set of eyes and ears.

“It’s a really fun way to bring theater to people that may not normally see it and you have this built-in audience on the Rail Runner”, said Director Lauren Albonico.

Audience members filled the train’s back car to see the group perform scenes from three Shakespearean comedies. Some came for the performance but most just happened to be on the train. Not necessarily an ideal atmosphere for a live performance.

“I mean, we did rehearse on the train, and did all of these, but I did not expect it to be as shaky as it was, but it was fun to adjust while you’re also trying to do the scene”, said Actress Katie Farmin.

“At that point all of your technique, it’s like you lean on muscle memory” said Blanco.

But shakiness aside, both the performers and their audience appreciated experiencing the classics up close and personal.

“It’s much more intimate and you can kinda gauge how the audience is reacting to things, so you can kinda tell right away, oh these guys can’t hear me, or they really like this, lets milk it”, said Farmin.

“It was pretty fun to be right up there while they were doing their things and moving around” said Passenger David Gibson.

If you missed Saturday’s performance, don’t worry you’ll have another chance. The actors will be back on the train to perform again on June 27th and July 4th. This is the fifth year for Shakespeare on the Rail.