A group of University of New Mexico students started their own anti DWI campaign targeting their peers, and they’re also giving away free keychain breathalyzers to get people thinking twice

“We wanted to apply some of the skills we’ve gained in our college career to solving a problem locally here,” Kyle Guin said. 

Guin and his two classmates, Kyle Laktasic and Tomas Babuska, decided to go bold with their new campaign. “We have first-hand experience of people getting in their car after being out at the bar and that’s really unacceptable,” Laktasic said.

The three students said they were looking for an attention grabber. “Especially with our generation, these aggressive branding techniques are starting to work,” Guin said.

Their campaign will definitely grab your attention. It’s called “FVCK DWI,” #KnowYourLimit. “That was the campaign slogan we came up to show our opinion about driving under the influence,” Laktasic said.

Laktasic also said DWI is too common in our community. He said their friend, Babuska, had a run in with a drunk driver.  “Our other co-founder, Tomas, was actually hit by a drunk driver at the intersection of Coal and Stanford,” said Laktasic.

So within a week, the three created a website showcasing their anti DWI campaign. “If they’re out there trying to spread the word, ‘don’t drink and drive,’ then we support it 100 percent,” Sgt. Kurtis Ward said.  They’re also giving away free key chain breathalyzers to anyone who wants one. However, State Police Sgt. Ward said people shouldn’t use them as an excuse to drive drunk.

“I don’t want somebody who blows into this thing, under the legal limit, putting them into a position where they think they’re good to go and then somebody like me stops them,” Sgt. Ward said. “They’ll end up in handcuffs, and then again telling me they took a PBT test on their own and they were under the legal limit. It’s not their free pass out of jail.”

That’s why the group said they have a disclaimer on this website.

“They are not a marking point for being okay,” Laktasic said. “Zero is the limit.” The campaign is there to help reinforce that message. “It’s strictly a reminder. This is an awareness campaign,” Guin said. 

The three students are funding this campaign on their own. They’re hoping if it takes off, they’ll get a sponsorship down the road. New Mexico State Police said breathalyzers that officers use are certified through the state health department. They’re also tested regularly.