Supporting the environment is a very fashionable look. A group of University of New Mexico students has launched a line of sustainable and ethically-made clothing. Their motto is “doing the most for people and planet.” The minds behind Eco Aesthetic say they hope to educate people through fashion. 

New Mexico native and UNM student Trinity Aragon say her sustainable brand has been in the works for a few years. Finally, two t-shirts and a tote bag launched this Earth Day during UNM’s sustainability fair.  “Which immediately sold out, which was awesome,” says Head Of Research, Taryn McCue. 

Aragon says the designs are manufactured in a way that minimizes harmful effects on the environment. “Like in the patterning of the garments to use less waste or to do something that uses less water something like that. We want to keep tweaking keep growing, keep adapting and changing in order to make the biggest different socially and environmentally,” Aragon says. 

The UNM student is currently completing an internship in New York City. She’s partnered with students there, and here at home, to create the brand and educate buyers. “I feel like sustainability is kind of like a trend right now people don’t really know much about it but they’re into it. So we’re based on educating people about that,” says Creative Director Eryn Bathke.

In the works now are graphic tees for Summer. Students designers are behind those, which are set to be made from 100  percent recycled hemp. “Doing the most for people and planet,” Aragon says. 

They’re also working to put QR codes on the next batch of shirts, which would direct people to information about where their shirts come from and how they were made. 

To shop the fashion line click here.