Two years after students asked for it, the University of New Mexico is ready to open its new campus taproom. 

The unique, first-of-its-kind project offers students and anyone on campus a place to drink beer and wine inside of the Student Union Building. 

It’s a concept that both students and administrators have high hopes for. 

“It’s really cool to be here in this space,” said UNM Senior Emily Wilks. “I want to come back next week, do my homework have a beer and just enjoy this space for what it is.” 

Wilks is among the many students who encouraged UNM to build the taproom through a petition drive that started in 2016. 

“I definitely think this is going to be a space we utilize in the future,” said Wilks. 

The taproom, called “Draft and Table,” opens Monday with 14 taps to choose from, including beer, cider and non-alcoholic nitro cold brew coffee. They will also serve local New Mexico wines and a menu full of food. 

“This was a student lead initiative, so that’s why it was so exciting,” said Chris Vallejos, vice president of UNM’s Institutional Support Services. 

UNM administrators say even though the project is a first in serving alcohol on campus, the idea was easy to get behind. 

“What is our mission here? It’s to build community, said Vallejos. “I think what you see, especially with public universities, they’re trying to figure how to capture the community, how to keep students on campus.” 

The taproom will have a two beer limit along with glasses that max out at 12 ounces. UNM says there is room for about 100 people inside and around 50 outside on the taproom’s patio. 

“It’s something unlike the university has seen before,” said Chris Beccone, a local architect in Albuquerque who worked with UNM students to design the space. 

“It creates and gives the university a signature space that I hope everyone will be proud of,” said Beccone. 

The taproom opens Monday, October 1, 2018 and will be open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. UNM says the Draft and Table will be closed on weekends for events. 

UNM also says its Taphouse will focus on serving New Mexico-based beers and wines.