ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As most watched the Super Bowl Sunday night, a lot of viewers in New Mexico were seeing the state’s flagship higher education institution in the mix of some prime “big game” advertising.

The University of New Mexico bought several Super Bowl broadcast this year, a total of eight 30-second spots that aired before, during and after the game.

Several UNM students told KRQE News 13 they noticed the spots Sunday, giving the advertising a good review.

“I thought it was quite a good advert,” said UNM student Rob. “It showed what the university’s about and the main sort of things that go on here.”

Another student, Juan Carlos Baca, said the advertisement was, “pretty well done and professional.”

Featuring images of UNM students learning and building, beautiful vistas across the state, the university’s sports teams and UNM’s new logo, UNM says the ads are about reminding New Mexicans what the university means to the state.

“We had a lot of great response not only from people on campus, like our student faculty and staff, but also from our alumni,” said Cinnamon Blair, chief of UNM’s Marketing & Communications Department. “We had people from Southern Colorado that saw it, and so they really enjoyed having a reminder of, ‘that’s my alma matter,’ or, ‘it’s doing wonderful things.'”

Blair says the marketing is part of the University’s effort to reinvigorate interest in UNM that started last year.

The ad-buy marks the second year in a row that UNM has paid for Super Bowl spots. The 2018 spots cost UNM nearly $26,000. In 2017, UNM says a similar advertising package reached nearly 1.5 million people.

“It’s an opportunity to reconnect people who maybe hadn’t had a touch point with UNM in quite some time,” said Blair.

While some liked the ad, some also wonder what good it is for UNM to advertise locally? Blair says the ads are ultimately a good reminder.

“It’s important to reminding people that we are the flagship university, that we offer so much to prospective students, to the state, to our alumni and just really for everyone,” said Blair.

Some students agree.

“It’s a competitive market to get people to come to school, you’ve got a lot of different options and UNM has to do what it has to to get its people here,” said UNM student Juan Carlos Baca.

On the health-sciences side, UNM’s Cancer Center also aired three ads that hit before and during the game. Those ads cost about $18,000.

UNM’s rebranding and advertising goes beyond the Super Bowl too, as the university is also focusing efforts toward targeted online advertising at out-of-state students.