ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Geography class is likely not one many college students would flock to. But a new class at the University of New Mexico could change that.

“Beer is an amazing thing,” said Ryan Mayor, UNM Student.

Now, combine that with geography.

“It’s a geography class where we’re going explore beer,” said Maria Lane, UNM Associate Professor.

That’s exactly what a new class at UNM aims to do.

“From cultural geography, historical geography, environmental, urban geography, legal geography,” Lane said, all areas of study covered through a beer point view.

“Everybody is interested in beer and there’s this explosion of interest in beer not just on our faculty but across the whole country,” Lane said.

Next fall semester students will have the chance to enroll in “World of Beer”.

Open to UNM students of all ages.

“It just seemed like it was actually really a natural marriage and a lot of people are saying ‘oh are you going to talk about the chemistry of beer?’ and we’re like no we’re not talking about chemistry, there’s some really crazy interesting stuff about the geography of beer that’s spacial and environmental,” Lane said.

The class will cover beer origin and it’s impact on cultures around the world and the environment.

“I think it’s really cool for people who have always been interested in foreign beer that we don’t get over here a lot,” said Victoria Sandstrom, UNM Student.

“Having a class about it and learning more about it would be very interesting,” Mayor said.

Lane says Albuquerque’s growing beer industry is the perfect setting for the class.

“So we’re going to take advantage of that. We’re going to use Albuquerque as a lab, we’re going to bring people in from the breweries and beer related businesses into the classroom to talk about the urban geography of Albuquerque and what’s going on,” Lane explained.

The class will have optional field trips to local breweries and will feature guest speakers from the geography department and local entrepreneurs.