ALBUQUERQUE, (N.M.) KRQE- It was the first day of classes after winter break at the University of New Mexico, but a lot of students were late to class.

“Just a kind of dilemma, they were a little bit late and now, I’m kind of running late to class,” said  Zhane Ives, a UNM student who rides the shuttle.

Students said they waited 15 to 20 minutes, and UNM Parking and Transportation Services Director Barbara Morsk said the Albuquerque Rapid Transit construction has a lot to do with that.

“Of course with the ART construction, it’s impacting the ability to get to and from campus, especially through Central and University,” said Barbara Morsk.

Students said they’ve been leaving an hour and half early to avoid the traffic and are still winding up late to class.

“Sometimes I get there, and I have to wait for the shuttle for 20 minutes,” said shuttle rider Pamela Ruiz.

And that’s something that doesn’t sit well with UNM, especially students arriving to class late because of it.

“It does not make us feel good, because we try really hard to make sure that people get where they need to go, by the time they need to get there,” said Morsk.

She said their best advice is for students to plan ahead and try and leave earlier to catch earlier buses.

A spokesperson for the ART project provided similar information and recommends students sign up for alerts on construction and where it could effect traffic.