ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With Halloween on Monday, this is the season when you hear all sorts of fun ghost stories. They may be old legends that often evolve, but this year a strange and scary story, along with a mysterious image, is popping up at the University of New Mexico.

The UNM Duck Pond is a place of peace during the day, but after dark lately, some say the place has been petrifying.

Cheyenne Bilbrey, a UNM sophomore, said, “It’s called the UNM Duck Pond Challenge,” referring to the latest craze on campus this Halloween.

If you dare, just walk across the bridge blindfolded at night and record it.

“I didn’t think anything would happen,” said Bilbrey.

She said it was a frightful Friday night for her, once she noticed a spine-chilling image appearing out of nowhere in her video.

“Typical ghost girl, I guess. She has like black long hair and like a weird kinda white dress,” she said.

The eerie experiences are being shared on the UNM Hauntings Facebook page.

Douglas Brandt, a UNM student, said, “This bridge is haunted as hell, and I do not need to be around it.”

Sometimes she appears, and sometimes she doesn’t.

Clay Space, a UNM junior, said he got chills during the challenge.

“I turned the camera to face in front of me and she was standing at the end of the bridge,” Space said. “I was terrified.”

“If it is a hoax, it’s pretty elaborate,” said Space.

So, is it a prank meant to be funny? A publicity stunt for something? Or is it something unexplainable?

Time will tell, but in the meantime, the ghostly girl on the UNM Duck Pond bridge is certainly a campus talker.

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