NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – After more than a year, the pandemic unemployment benefits are expiring tomorrow. That means thousands of New Mexicans will be left looking for a job. As of Wednesday, Workforce Solutions says there are nearly 70,000 New Mexican’s claiming unemployment benefits.

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“On Sunday, they’ll go in and complete their last certification for the week that we’re finishing up,” said Ricky Serna, the Acting Secretary for the Department of Workforce Solutions. “Then, they’ll no longer be presented with opportunities to certify for benefits after,” said Serna.

Of those 70,000 people, more than 50,000 New Mexicans are receiving pandemic-related unemployment benefits. With that expiring Saturday, the Department of Workforce Solutions says that will leave only 12,700 people on regular unemployment.

Workforce Solutions says they’re helping those who are without jobs find work. They say they’re using their Ready New Mexico website that connects them with potential employers. The Albuquerque Economic Development Department says there’s no shortage of work, not only in the private sector but right now, there are nearly 140 positions open within the City too. They say there’s a great need for early childhood development.

“The Keller administration is currently providing $10,000 grants to youth and education centers,” said Damian Lara, the Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department. “That includes child care centers and child care for out-of-school time,” he said.

Right now the city is offering incentives to work for them. Depending on the job they say you could get a bonus ranging from $700 to $15,000 incentives for public safety positions. The city says they plan on hosting another job fair in the future to help people find work.