NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – WalletHub compiled data to rank states based on their changes in unemployment rates. The current rates listed in the data are from March 2023.

Right now, America’s unemployment rate is at 3.5%. Inflation and recession possibilities may push that rate up, however.

WalletHub’s overall ranking is determined by several factors. These include March 2023’s rate, changes in rates between the last two months, and changes in unemployment rates from the last year, three years, and four years.

For the overall ranking, the top three spots belonged to Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana. The bottom three were Oregon, Washington D.C., and Nevada.

New Mexico was ranked #18 on the list. The unemployment rate for the state, for March 2023, was 3.5%. New Mexico had the biggest decrease from 2022’s rate, which was 1.9% higher.

The map from WalletHub can be seen below.

Source: WalletHub

South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska placed in the top three spots for the lowest March 2023 unemployment rates.

  • South Dakota: 1.9%
  • North Dakota: 2.1%
  • Nebraska: 2.1%

Washington, Washington D.C., and Nevada ranked in the bottom three.

  • Washington: 4.5%
  • Washington D.C.: 4.8%
  • Nevada: 5.5%

To see the full compilation of data collected by WalletHub, click here.