WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – Donald Trump’s campaign suffered two high profile mistakes over the past week and allowed his closest rival to pounce on a growing lead in Wisconsin’s Republican primary.

Mr. Trump faced widespread criticism after suggesting in a televised townhall that women who have abortions should be punished by law. The campaign quickly reversed the answer via a spokesperson but the damage allowed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to grab the spotlight and use

“The comment was wrong, it really is the latest demonstration of how little Donald has thought about the serious issues facing this country,” said Sen. Cruz during an impromptu press conference on Thursday.

Wednesday’s abortion comments came one day after Mr. Trump’s campaign manager was formally charged with misdemeanor battery involving an incident with a reporter at a Florida rally last month.

Wisconsin voters head to the polls

After a week long break from caucuses and primaries, on Tuesday voters in Wisconsin will head to the polls for both Democratic and Republican contests. The latest survey shows Mr. Trump losing ground after the current Governor, Scott Walker, endorsed Sen. Cruz on Tuesday.

GOP Presidential Standings in WisconsinFOX Business (March 28 – 30) 

Cruz: 42%

Trump: 32%

Kasich: 19%

The latest surveys indicated a sharp slide from the Trump campaign, which once lead Sen. Cruz in the state by at least ten percent.

Sanders still strong

Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to keep Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton on the defensive after winning three states in late March. The former Secretary of State continues to lead the Vermont Senator in overall delegates but the latest polls for upcoming states show Sen. Sanders gaining ground.

Both Democratic Presidential campaigns spent Thursday campaigning throughout New York, a state where voters will head to the polls on April 19th.For the very latest news, information, and analysis in the Race for the White House, follow @markpmeredith on Twitter.