ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It has been a problem property for years, prompting countless police calls, deadly violence, and a major drug bust last year. But now, the Albuquerque Police Department said it has turned around.

The Bow and Arrow Lodge on Central near Wyoming was plagued with problems for years with APD showing up on a regular basis. “A lot of shots being fired from this, from this property, stolen vehicles, narcotics, fentanyl, aggravated assaults, a lot of prostitution and sex workers have also been known to frequent this, this property,” said Commander Luke Languit, APD Southeast Area Command.

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But since a massive drug raid last year and a change in ownership, the lodge has completely changed, a welcome relief for APD. “Today, it’s a success,” said Commander Languit. He continued, “We’ve seen a 93% reduction in calls for service. So we literally they’ve done a complete 180. We literally don’t have any issues over at the Bow and Arrow Lodge anymore.”

The motel has gone under renovation and participated in the city’s ADAPT program, which helps the owners of run-down buildings and businesses clean up and re-open. “Even though they finished the Adapt program, I believe back in September, they’re still making the owners are still making minor renovations just to improve the property. Again, that’s a good deterrent when it comes to reducing the crime,” said Commander Languit.

APD said the transformation is having a ripple effect, helping officers with their cleanup initiative along Central Avenue. “And that frees up officers I think about all the time spent at that location that wrapped up officers times and now they can go on to other areas that need more police presence, and we don’t have to spend our time there,” said Commander Languit.

For property owners who are interested in the ADAPT program, they are asked to reach out to Albuquerque Fire Rescue which runs the ADAPT program.