An Albuquerque woman was already having a great night at an Uptown steakhouse, but that night got even better when one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors have her a birthday surprise she’ll never forget.

“He said, ‘Well, where’s your dessert? We would’ve sang to you.’ I said, ‘Well, we haven’t gotten it yet.’ He said, ‘I’ll sing to you anyways,'” said Samantha Aragon.

Aragon was with her friends and husband at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse over the weekend and they quickly noticed the Oscar winner at the table next to them.

“We sat and we listened and when we could hear him talk, we knew it was him,” said Aragon.

Aragon says people all over the restaurant were taking sneaky selfies with Hanks, but since she was at the table right next to him, she started dropping hints about what she wanted for her birthday.

“I said, ‘Can he just sing happy birthday to me too?’ I think he probably heard that,” said Aragon.

Whether he heard or not, Aragon’s birthday wish came true.

Hanks: “Happy birthday dear Samantha, happy birthday to you!”

Samantha: “Oh my god! I love you so much!”

It was a quick interaction documented in a cell phone video Aragon took. 

“Probably the best 12 seconds of my life,” said Aragon.

Aragon says it will leave a lasting impression. “He was tremendous. He’s just the nicest person,” said Aragon.

According to NMFilmNews, Hanks is in Albuquerque shooting a new sci-fi drama called “Bios.” Pictures on his Twitter account show he’s been in New Mexico since last week.