ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Three men were arrested for allegedly raping a woman Saturday night.

Albuquerque Police say Saturday night a woman who works at TD’s Showclub had a few drinks with a man she recognized from work along with his two friends who are brothers.

The victim says she wasn’t able to recall what happened next very well but she remembers being in a hotel room and asking to be taken home.

Instead, the men identified as Zhuxuan Dong, Xinquan Zhou and Zhenxing Li drove her to Mariposa Park, where police say they raped her.

Concerned, the victim’s mother tracked her daughter to the park using the app “Find My Friends.” When she got to her daughter, she pretended to be a police officer. This convinced the men to stay put until police got there.

Police say Dong spoke some English but the other two spoke little to none so a translator was called in to help.

All three are facing charges of rape and kidnapping.