Another woman has come forward, claiming she too was a patient of Dr. Lamarr Edgerson, and says he also took advantage of her.

The woman whose identity KRQE News 13 is keeping anonymous said she was taken advantage of while she was hypnotized, and says it still haunts her to this day.

“I trusted him, he seemed very nice and very polite…very caring at the time,” the woman said.  

She said she first began seeing Dr. Edgerson for therapy in 2013.

“Every session he would put me under hypnosis.” she said. 

It’s at his office on Yale near Gibson where the woman said she would meet the psychologist and therapist for sessions. She said the sessions quickly became inappropriate.

“Like he would ask me like, my sexual life, what positions do you prefer?” said the woman. 

She also recalls him giving her orders in his office. 

“He has told me during hypnosis to do certain things to myself and I just couldn’t do it,” she said. 

But it’s the sounds she remembers that are so chilling. 

“You could hear the belt buckle jiggle and that just right away made me very uncomfortable,” she said.

It wasn’t until she saw KRQE News 13’s story about the allegations against Edgerson that she decided to speak up, and then file a police report. 

“The first thing that dawned on me was, I’m not crazy. I knew I wasn’t making this thing up. I knew this isn’t supposed to happen,” she said. 

It was then she realized she wasn’t the only one. 

“It makes me wonder, like, was he really touching himself?” 

She said the hardest part, is learning to trust again. 

“We think that we’re getting help, we’re being healed, but we’re getting more damaged than fixed,” she said. 

Now, she’s telling her story, to hopefully give courage to other potential victims. 

“I feel like I’m helping the other women too. And I’m sorry it happened to them, and it happened to me,” she said.

Since she lives on the reservation, she filed the report with Acoma Police shortly after KRQE News 13’s initial story ran. 

The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office said it hopes to get that report from Acoma Police soon, and speak with the woman.