ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)-  What would you do if your child got an innocent looking text sent to them with a link to a pornographic website?

The reactions were a mix between shock and anger.

“I’d be out for blood,” said one man.

“I’d be kind of shocked,” said a UNM student.

That’s probably how most parents at Hope Christian Middle School felt when they received an email from the Middle School Principal saying students at their school had been sent an inappropriate text from California with an X-rated link.

It also said “Hope Christian” was in the web address. The email went on to say “do not open it.”

“That’s kind of embarrassing, if my school sent me something, I’d probably believe it, because I do get texts from UNM, so for that, the hacker must be really good,” said a CNM student.

So how could this happen?

“If the school’s actual web server got infected then, the link you would see would be the school’s link,” said Ben Mixon-Baca a UNM graduate student studying computer security.

Baca said without seeing the link it’s hard to know exactly what happened. But, people want to know how could someone get access to the students phone numbers.

“If they have access to the web server, there’s also a huge database with cell phones and all kinds of other really sensitive information,” said Baca.

The school did not want to comment on how this happened, but the school’s email to parents did say they had contacted Albuquerque police and that officers would be at the school Wednesday morning investigating.