ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Technology is ever changing and it can be hard to keep up, especially for seniors.

A local start-up has been helping older folks in Albuquerque by pairing them up with teens. This weekend, they’re focusing their efforts on veterans.

“Yes, at the drop of a hat, I mean you turn around and they’re always coming out with something new,” Tom Foucher, Vietnam Veteran said.

It’s a fast evolving field.

“It’s just unbelievable, the way technology has been jumping by leaps and bounds,” Foucher said. The 73-year-old Vietnam veteran added, it can be a real struggle.

“It makes it impossible to keep up, that’s where these “Teeniors” helping seniors is really a great deal,” he said.

From video chatting, to social media, even texting or simply email, these Teeniors as they call themselves, are a huge help when it comes to technology

“We are helping veterans because there a lot veteran seniors who need this kind of help and they need… personal connection and we are here to provide it,” Teenior Eli Stone said.

Every month, Teeniors offers up their services for free. This weekend, veterans are benefiting.

“I think it’s great that they’re offering this service to veterans,” said Foucher, who is getting up to date on the latest Windows operating system.

“It is such a heartwarming experience to be able to teach someone especially a veteran how to use something that they’re wondering about and also to talk with them and to connect with them,” Stone said.

Teeniors has provided help to more than 300 seniors in Albuquerque since they launched last year.