ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The teenager accused of killing Manzano High School student, Jaydon Chavez-Silver took a plea deal Wednesday in another murder case.

He was then immediately sentenced.

Esias Madrid took a plea deal Wednesday morning agreeing to 16 years for the murder of 18-year-old Arturo Villa.

Through tears Villa’s family addressed his killer.

“I hope this man understands the great pain he has caused me and my family and pays the rightful consequences for all he has done,” Yvonne Castellanos, Villa’s mother, said.

“Why? Why did he destroy our lives? There’s not one day that we don’t suffer for him,” Maribel Castellanos, Villa’s aunt, said.

Madrid shot and killed Villa in December of 2015 after a fight over a game of beer pong in the South Valley.

Wednesday, Villa’s family filled the courtroom, the victim’s girlfriend saying Villa was smart, hardworking and generous.

His family told the court justice is not served and 16 years for the death of their “Turri” as they called him, is not enough.

In court Wednesday, Madrid showed no remorse, and as he walked out, reacted to some comments made by those in the courtroom.

“Rot in hell,” someone shouted out.

Madrid is also charged with Jaydon Chavez-Silver’s murder. The Manzano High student shot in a drive by during a party in June 2015.

Madrid was just connected to that murder in August by another suspect who took a plea deal in exchange for providing more information about that night.

While the Villa family says the sentence in their son’s murder is not enough, the state assured them Madrid is still facing more time for the murder of Chavez-Silver.