ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Sandia National Labs is known for creating microgrids for military bases and city services, now they are taking their technology to the moon. Sandia researchers are teaming up with NASA to design a microgrid for future lunar bases.

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The microgrid will help power NASA’s planned Artemis Lunar Base and the area that astronauts will live while on the base. It will also have mining and processing facilities that would produce rocket fuel and other materials.

One part of the Sandia research team is designing a control system for the mining center’s microgrid. The mining center could produce water, oxygen, rocket fuel and other materials needed for lunar exploration.

Another major focuses of Sandia researchers is to develop a system that will connect the mining facility and habitat unit microgrids. The team is studying how much of an impact distance between the two facilities has and the voltage that the microgrid should operate at.