ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – Holloman Air Force Base is testing out new four-legged technology. The base has two new robotic dogs that will work alongside their service members. 

“I’ve been in 15 and a half years and while I know technology was growing, I did not expect to ever see this in my lifetime while wearing the uniform,” says Technical Sergeant Benjamin Kent, U.S. Air Force. 

It’s called the “Vision-60” ground robot or more simply, robodog, and it’s designed to improve surveillance capabilities at Holloman Air Force Base. The base in Alamogordo currently has two robots that they’re testing out and they are expecting two more later this year. They say their base has a lot of desert and the robodogs’ ability to withstand heat and cover long distances help them patrol terrain that’s harder for humans.  

“More of a protection capability because of how massive our base is. Sometimes it’s hard to get members in certain areas,” says Tech. Sgt. Kent. 

The robots were created by the company, Ghost Robotics. They weigh 86 pounds and are about the size of a full-sized Golden Retriever. They can travel for about six-miles and they’re controlled using a joystick-like setup. They can be used in the rain and temperatures from negative-ten degrees up to 140. They’re also capable of walking in steep sands. 

“If someone’s up on the jogging trail and they see it stumble, no need for anyone to go worry about it, or go grab it because it will upright itself automatically and if it can’t it’ll go inverted and walk upside down,” says Tech. Sgt. Kent. 

Right now the machines are only assigned to the Security Force Squadron but the intent is to expand it into annual training.  

“It is not to replace manpower or other assets like military working dogs. They’re very vital they have critical roles in their own aspect…it is a compliment to our manpower and capabilities,” says Tech. Sgt. Kent.  

The base says they want to start using the robotic dogs on the base in the next few weeks. The other two robotic dogs should arrive by the end of summer.