NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Ideum, a Corrales-based creative technology company has recently produced over 45 multimedia productions in New Mexico. According to a press release from the New Mexico Film Office, the company is making a large impact in the world of digital interactive displays for museums, healthcare facilities, and conservation and nature centers.

Ideum has worked on projects both nationally and internationally including the BioPark’s penguin exhibit and the Sunport’s interactive kiosk. The company also worked on creating touchless software amid the pandemic.

Current projects the company is working on include The Body Explorer which is an interactive media exhibit in a Middle East science center that will employ six New Mexicans. The Body Explorer exhibit will allow visitors to explore medical technology in the human body.

Visitors of the exhibit will be able to explore a 3D model of the human body and will probe various medical technologies including cochlear implants and artificial hearts. The exhibit is expected to debut in the summer of 2022.

Ideum is also working on an interactive project called Exploring the Structure of the Universe which will wrap in July 2021. The project is employing three New Mexicans and allows visitors of a national laboratory to explore particle accelerators.

In a separate collaboration with a midwestern zoo and design company, Ideum is providing a soundscare for a new aquarium building. According to the press release, the company’s team of designers and developers will work alongside others to design and install the sound system that will develop a natural soundscape and presentation areas.

Additional recent projects include the following:

  • Advances in Aerospace
  • Mission Control: Space Innovation
  • Bringing the History of Altoona to Life – With the Altoona Historical Society
  • Santa Maria Valley
  • Touching History: Soviet Jews in the Second World War
  • Advanced Electronics Product Viewer
  • Touchless Studio Experience
  • Experience Marketing Story Viewer
  • Exploring Film at the Albuquerque International Sunport
  • Watershed Explorer
  • Frescoes at the Convention Center
  • Memory Care Rehabilitation Center Project
  • Operation Smile Global Cleft Palate Repair Project
  • You and the City – With Heinzen Media
  • Hematology Racetrack Interactive
  • Historic Map + Print Experience
  • Intel Touchless Innovation
  • Life of a Meteor
  • LVNHM Dinosaur Wall
  • Meet the Bisti Beast, New Mexico’s Tyrannosaur
  • National Gallery of Art Entry Experience
  • Cruise Ship Interactive Display
  • Odense Heat Exchange: A Synergistic Relationship
  • Palm Spring Aerial Tramway
  • Major Western Zoo – Innovative Interactive Experiences
  • Sherwin Miller Museum History and Artifact Explorer
  • Technical Products Interactive Display Project
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park Interactive: Utilities and the Urban Watershed
  • US Navy Seals History Project
  • Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  • Weather FX Interactive Demo Experience
  • Weather FX Sequel