ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Neighbors are furious after seeing a hateful image in their Albuquerque neighborhood.

In a photo from a neighbor, a flag with the Swastika symbol is shown from the house’s window. People who live by the westside home say the homeowner’s first amendment rights make them uncomfortable.

“I’m disturbed, I’m very disturbed,” said Dawn Candelaria, who lives near the home.

Candelaria has been living in the neighborhood near Unser and Ladera for almost 20 years. In all those years, she hasn’t seen anything like this until now.

“We are a bi-racial family and I just don’t think it’s appropriate,” she said.

This weekend, Candelaria’s neighbors had a Swastika hanging in the front window of their home. It’s a message that has Candelaria worried about her family’s safety.

“My grandkids live with me. I don’t want them walking by and seeing that, or having to be afraid to walk down the street,” she said.

Neighbors say it’s unusual to see something like this. It’s a close knit community, except no one really knows much about the family in that home. However, they say it’s always been a welcoming, mixed race community.

“I’ve never felt worried or concerned. We have white, we have Hispanic, we have Native American, and that’s how it should be,” said Candelaria.

Our crews did not see the Swastika displayed at that house Monday, and no one was available to speak with us on camera. Candelaria says she wants to get to the bottom of this herself for the sake of her family and community.

“I’ll go down there and find out what it’s all about. Why would they feel the need to make the neighborhood uncomfortable and feeling unsafe?” she said.

One neighbor did say police are often called to that home for domestic disturbances.

Even though neighbors aren’t happy about that symbol, hanging a Swastika or any other symbol on your property is not illegal.