ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents in a Northeast Heights neighborhood said it was a close call. Security footage caught a group of teens out in the middle of the night, looking for things to steal.

Those people did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, but they said they want to get the word out to stop it, before something really bad happens.

“I always check my security cameras for peace of mind, and it just so happens that last night was our night. Last night was the night they came to us.” said one neighbor.

Residents who live in the neighborhood near Louisiana and Eagle Rock said a group of teens came by their neighborhood late Thursday night.

“It’s sad, and then when I saw the footage and I saw it’s kids, I was like it’s kids, you know they look young,” said another neighbor.

In the security video, it shows a truck making its way into the neighborhood, slowly driving by the homes. Residents said it appeared to be a group of three to four teens, checking out the neighborhood.

At one point, the teens walked up a driveway with two parked cars and tried to open the doors. Once they realized the doors were locked, they quickly ran away. Shortly after the failed attempt, the truck is seen driving away.

Although nothing was taken or damaged, residents said it’s still an unsettling feeling.

“It’s a very uneasy feeling that they’re feet away from my front door. I mean thank God it was just my car. What if next it’s my house where I have my family here,” said the resident.

Neighbors also said this is too familiar to another case, when a group of teens spent a night breaking into homes and cars, and killed the Albuquerque homeowner who confronted them in 2015. They said it’s time for change before it’s too late.

“These kids need to be taking ownership of what they’re doing. I understand they’re kids, but we can’t continue to use that excuse that they’re kids,” said the resident.

“To me, I don’t understand how a child or a teenager thinks it’s OK to do something like that,” said another resident.

The neighbors did not file a police report because nothing was stolen or damaged. However, they are considering starting a neighborhood watch program.