ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Instead of cameras catching criminals taking a lot of expensive loot, they revealed the thieves spending most of their time leaving behind critical clues at a local shop.

“Any place you’re breaking into, you’re on camera,” said Laura Randolph, president of Mama’s Minerals near I-40 and Rio Grande.

Her surveillance cameras caught two young men breaking in on Sunday. They spent hours trying to steal, giving cameras a clear view of their faces, their clothes and telling tattoos.

“We can see every pore in your body, besides all your tattoos, your clothes, your face,” Randolph said. “You’re going to be [identified].”

Mama’s Minerals has massive pieces on display, some pretty pricey fossils and classrooms where they host classes and beading or fossil parties for children.

The thieves reached into one of those classrooms through a window but they weren’t able to grab much, Randolph said.

The two returned a few hours later and, after bending bars on a window, one of them squeezed through before getting spooked soon after and running right back out.

Just before 11 p.m., the two are seen again in surveillance video. That time, they are equipped with backpacks. They both climbed in through the window and grabbed inexpensive beads, beading tools and office supplies until the alarm sounded. One guy ran out the window while the other grabbed three metal detectors and ran out the back door.

Ultimately, Randolph said the men didn’t get much for all the time they spent showing their faces on camera.

“They weren’t professional thieves. They didn’t take anything of value,” Randolph said.

She is more focused on what the thieves left behind, like the image showing a tattoo on the back of one of the thieves.

“It shows the name, ‘Salazar,’ across his upper back,” Randolph said.

She is confident it won’t be long until police catch the criminals.

She said the thieves got away with about $1,000 worth of stuff.

The store has since beefed up its security, adjusting its alarm system and reinforcing the metal bars on its windows.