Whether they’re taking off, landing or in the air, airplanes are not a quiet means of transportation.

“When I’m waiting for the bus, and so you’re standing there, and what do you hear? Jets,” said David Wilde.

People in different parts of Albuquerque hear the planes from time to time, if not daily, and Sunport staff has taken note of that. 

“We do have some areas that are real close to the airport that just by the logistics of the airport and runways we do receive a lot of noise complaints,” said Chris Albrecht. 

Albrecht is the environmental manager for the Sunport, and every complaint that comes in goes directly to him. 

So, what’s the biggest complaint he gets?

“It’s noise where in the mornings or in the evenings where we have predominant aircraft flow,” he said. 

To help make reporting easier, there is a new noise reporting system. By simply clicking on a flight someone says is creating the noise, they can instantly alert the Sunport of the problem.

Another feature, is the public can track flights coming in and out. 

“You’ll be able to find out what airline it is, what type of aircraft, 737, 757, whatever,” said Albrecht.

People KRQE News 13 spoke to said they’re for the new options being offered. 

“That’s what we want, we want this to be a tool for the public,” said Albrecht. 

The link to tracking flights or reporting complaints can be found here.