ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s only development league soccer team hopes to build a multi-million-dollar stadium downtown. A new feasibility study shows it could work in Albuquerque.

Since 2014, Albuquerque Sol has dreamed of a much bigger playing field. The team currently plays home games at Saint Pius High School.

“The goal has always been said 2018 to go what’s called USL pro, which would be the equivalent of say the Isotopes,” said General Manager for Albuquerque Sol, Larry Espinoza.

Along with hopes of joining the United Soccer League, the team also wants a downtown stadium.

“This can be done,” said Amanda Powers with Kinship Consulting.

Powers was brought in by the Sol to see just how doable a downtown stadium is.

“We were looking at the feasibility of a 5,000 to 10,000 stadium in Albuquerque,” said Powers.

Powers compared Albuquerque to other cities with USL stadiums, like Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs, looking at things like population size and demographics.

Powers said she believes an Albuquerque stadium would be as successful as other cities, but that success would depend on game day revenue.

“We could very easily get 3,800 fans per game in the first year alone,” said Powers.

She also compared the soccer stadium to the Isotopes success.

“Doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses, they have a consistent attendance rate,” said Powers.

Powers believes that’s a good sign for any future stadium in the city, especially soccer.

“What we see is there is an unmet demand that we would like to tap,” said Powers.

The Albuquerque Sol said they’re still looking at locations and investors to pay for the stadium.

The study found an average USL stadium costs more than $7 million.