LOS LUNAS (KRQE) – Two high school students were suspended on Thursday for riding up to campus at Los Lunas High School on horses.

Seniors A.J. Sauceda and Clayton Torres said they rode around for 10 to 15 minutes on the dirt and in the parking lot.

They said they did it as part of “No Vehicle to School Day,” something the senior class decided to do Thursday.

“Some kids brought scooters, four-wheelers, bikes, skateboards,” A.J. said. “We don’t really ride bikes or scooters. We ride horses, so we brought horses.”

They said they rode around for about 10 minutes before school started and took the horses back home. However, they weren’t welcomed on campus when they returned.

They were suspended.

“I was like… shocked, I guess,” Clayton said.

Desi Garcia, director of security for Los Lunas Schools, said the horses were not safe to have around the students. He also said that students had been warned against participating in senior pranks.

“Well, I don’t think it’s fair. They didn’t do anything wrong,” said Leannah Sauceda, A.J.’s mother.

She said the students didn’t hurt anyone or damage property and that this was nothing compared with all the senior pranks this week.

“There’s been chickens let out the beginning of the week, and in the school property, in the school cafeteria,” Leannah said. “There was over 100 crickets let out in the school.”

A picture posted online shows a door with a sign on it that reads, “Bathrooms closed! (Blame senior pranksters).”

In school on Thursday, students say seniors were chanting and laying on the floor, blocking hallways.

Leannah believes the school is unfairly trying to make an example out of A.J. and Clayton.

“They’re doing this over what? They’re making this decision for something that’s so incredibly petty,” she said. “It’s stupid.”

When asked about other students being suspended for senior pranks throughout the week, Garcia with Los Lunas Schools would not comment.

The students said they missed finals because of the suspension, but Garcia said the students will be allowed to make up their tests.

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