ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It could be a sticky situation for The University of New Mexico. A group of students is trying to get approval to put a beehive on campus.

Some might be allergic or even afraid of bees, but Elizabeth Lake, the president of the UNM Beekeeping Club, says bees are generally friendly. She says getting stung is rare, even when handling bees regularly.

“I typically wear only my veil. That’s really all I need,” she said.

The club is working to educate students about bees and beekeeping.

“We’re actually trying to get a beehive on campus,” Lake said.

“If we had a hive on campus, we would be interacting with them every day,” said Kathleen Orndorff, vice president of the club. “We could get students involved. Students would be seeing the bees, and it would just be a lot more personal experience overall.”

The idea caught the attention of one passerby on Thursday afternoon, but not because he likes bees.

“Well, facing my fear at least,” said UNM Student Govinda Lingayat. “Because they produce something that we all enjoy, like honey. I’m interested to see how it works.”

The club hopes UNM accepts the proposal by next semester.

For now, they’re surveying the campus to find a good spot.

“It doesn’t need to be where a lot of foot traffic is. It can be up in an area that is just an open lot,” Lake said.

“People are afraid that they might be allergic or something like that,” Orndorff said. “We’re not trying to bring giant swarms of bees in that are going to be attacking people.”

The club met with the Campus Development Advisory Committee about the idea on Wednesday morning.

They still have to get more specifics set before they can get a green light on the project.