ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – For some people, Lobo sports are a tradition.

“I’ve been going to Lobo basketball games ever since I was really really small,” said Thaddus Torrez, a UNM student.

Over the years, though, attendance has gone down. For basketball, attendance has decreased more than 20 percent in three years.

“We’ve been in a dip since Alford left so it’s not completely out of the ordinary because just the product hasn’t been as good,” said Thaddus Torrez.

When it comes to student turnout, “I haven’t gone physically to any games,” said one student.

It can be a challenge.

“The student section is always the last one to fill,” said Torrez.

Now, the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico (ASUNM) is trying to boost the numbers.

“We believe if we can get more people to the athletics games, the athletics program will grow,” said student body president Noah Brooks.

He said the way to do it is with free shuttles from campus to The Pit.

“Get people to attend so more people are there, we grow the spirit at school and we become a school where people are super proud to be a Lobo.”

Some students said they would definitely hitch a ride.

“We should always have a full student section, that should never be empty. The shuttle idea sounds really really cool,” said Torrez.

The Athletics Department already offers rides to football games and said it’s helped.

“They start two hours prior to the start of the football game, and bring our students, drop them off by the student tailgate,” said Drew Ingraham, the Associate Athletic Director for UNM.

He said as this year’s season is kicking off, they’re working hard to get students attention.

“Ticket sales have been going along steady, we’re happy with the progress, we always want to sell more tickets,” Ingraham said.

ASUNM is hoping to get the free shuttles up and running by the start of the basketball season. If it works, they’re hoping to do so for all home games.