Did you ever think that the State of New Mexico could tell someone who they could or could not date?

That’s exactly what happened to a convicted sex offender last year, who was caught breaking the rules while on probation.

Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo, 42, never spent one day behind prison walls. The former Jimmy Carter Middle School teacher who pled guilty to having sex with one of her students served her one year sentence at home in 2012 on an ankle monitor.

Sanchez-Trujillo was 33 at the time of the crime and her victim was 13. She has been on probation ever since. Sanchez-Trujillo, a registered sex offender, has rules to follow, while on probation, that are part of the state’s “Sex Offender Behavioral Contract.”
One of those rules includes disclosing all her “romantic relationships” to her probation officer (PPO). She’s also required to inform her boyfriend of all the crimes she was convicted of in 2012. According to court documents, filed in May 2017, Sanchez-Trujillo told her PPO she wasn’t aware of the rules.
KRQE News 13 learned Sanchez-Trujillo violated her probation. Last May, court documents showed Sanchez-Trujillo failed to tell her probation officer she had a fiance.

When she was confronted about him, she said she wasn’t with him anymore and had a “new boyfriend” she met working at the Embassy Suites. She also told her PPO that she didn’t know if he had a criminal history.

Sanchez-Trujillo’s PPO met with her boyfriend a week later, who also said he had never been in trouble.

That was a lie, New Mexico State Probation and Parole discovered the man did have a criminal history involving DWI. That’s a violation of Sanchez-Trujillo’s contract.

In court documents, Sanchez-Trujillo’s PPO wrote “she was told that she cannot date or associate with” her boyfriend. 

Probation and Parole said the misstep resulted in a warning:

“The preliminary violation that was filed with the court and the result was no formal court hearing. Offender was ordered to re-write the Sex Offender Behavioral Contract and return to more involved Sex Offender Treatment Counseling.”

Sanchez-Trujillo was sentenced to a period of supervision for 5-20 years. Probation and Parole said she’s nearly served five years, at which time she can request a hearing to be released from probation.