ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Spring is here and plants and vegetables are ready to be planted. Even with the weather that New Mexico has been experiencing planting your garden can now begin, to keep the plants safe and alive, bringing them inside will help to make them thrive.

Prepping a garden is important.

High quality potting soil will help soil conditions and give nutritional support. Mix soil and plant food to create a base line for beginning to plant.

Owners of Jericho Nursery, Rick Hobson and Jennifer Timms joined KRQE’s This Morning team to show different varieties and tips on how to make a lasting garden.

The couple suggested to water well and stick to a good watering schedule; preferably twice a week.

Once the soil is ready Hobson suggests choosing Fillers, Spillers, and Thrillers.

Fillers are the taller plants that will fill the pot. Spillers would be the petunias or any small plant that will spill over the side and Thrillers are your bold color flowers that will make your garden pop.

Hobson also suggests adding phosphorous when planting to help with the blooming and growing process.

For those looking to have a vegetable garden thrive, Hobson suggest adding calcium.

For those gardeners looking to plant trees, shrubs or perennials now is the perfect time according to Hobson and Timms.

Salsa gardens and plants such as marigolds can be left outside during the cold weather, but should be covered.

The safest vegie to plant would be the beet.

For more information, visit their website.