ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Neighbors call it crime alley. Residents in a Southeast Albuquerque neighborhood said the street behind their homes is a magnet for crooks.

Even with the help of cameras, criminals still come back. That’s why one man said he’s looking to take his surveillance game to the next level.

Alan Swain has around eight cameras surrounding his duplex.

“At night the cockroaches come out and they look around and when they see something they want, they just go and try and get it,” said Swain.

On Friday, Swain’s cameras caught people stealing all four tires from a truck.

“That’s been happening all over the neighborhood, just people stealing just the tires off cars,” said Swain.

The video clearly shows a truck leaving the alley with a bed full of tires. It also shows a guy running.

“They obviously forgot something when they were robbing the truck so we’re hoping that police will be able to do something with that footage,” said Swain.

That was just the latest incident. Months back, Swain caught everything from someone attempting to steal a car, people doing drugs, and others stealing items.

“I don’t know why they pick this one since I have cameras and lights, but we’re going to put a big old light up and that’s gonna light this baby up,” said Swain.

Swain said his new light is as powerful as street lights.

“As you can tell at night, there’s a little bit muddy footage so we’re going to light it up back here because we’re tired of those criminal cockroaches coming into our neighborhood and thinking they’re going to get away with it,” said Swain.

He’s also doubling his surveillance system. He will soon have around 16 cameras running 24/7.

“More people are putting cameras in and more people are putting lights in and we’re going to do our best to help the police get rid of these criminals,” said Swain.

He said his main goal is to put a stop to crime alley and make his neighborhood a safe place to live.

Swain said he wants to get the neighbors together and line the whole alley with cameras. He said some neighbors have already showed interest.