Second driver believes car window intentionally shot out while driving I-25

Is someone targeting metro-area drivers on I-25? 

Days after KRQE News 13 first reported police’s belief that a woman’s window was shot out while driving on the freeway, a second potential victim shares an all too familiar story. 

“The noise was so loud that, I mean it just startles you,” said Patricia, whose window exploded a few weeks ago shortly after she exited the freeway. 

Patricia says she was driving to work around 9 a.m. just two weeks ago when her back driver-side window shattered. Her car had just exited I-25 and was turning west on to Lead Avenue. 

“I was just turning left or west on to Lead and was just right before the underpass, and it was just this really loud pop,” said Patricia. 

Patricia wasn’t hurt during the incident and says fortunately she was the only one in her vehicle. 

“Thank goodness the kids were not in the back seat of the car,” said Patricia. 

The window shattering story matches the story that another Albuquerque driver shared with KRQE News 13 on Tuesday. She too was driving I-25 north when her driver window shattered. 

“I had just passed the Lomas exit, about to hit the Big I, when all of the sudden I heard a big pop and my window completely shattered,” said the first victim, who spoke to KRQE News 13 Tuesday, 

While the first victim didn’t find a projective like a bb or a pellet, police told that woman they believe someone intentionally shot her window from the side. 

After hearing that driver’s story, Patricia contacted KRQE News 13 to share her story. 

“You hope it’s not a pattern of some sort,” said Patricia. 

She too, now believes her window was likely intentionally shot out and says she’ll be filing a police report. 

“It wasn’t something that was just a freak accident, or just something random,” said Patricia. “People are going to get hurt.” 

Patricia says she too didn’t find a projectile in her car. 

KRQE News 13 checked with Albuquerque Police Thursday night to see if they’ve received any other reports of this happening, but did not hear back. 

At a minimum, anyone caught shooting at a car window would likely face battery charges. 

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