ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE)- Students, parents and staff in Roswell are mourning the loss of a beloved teacher after she was killed in a car accident Monday night.

State police suspect that the man who hit her had been drinking. News 13 did some digging on his criminal history and it wouldn’t be the first time he was drinking and driving. State police say that if convicted, this would be the fourth DWI charge for 34-year-old Victor Torres.

People are still in shock after the death of Lori Johnson, a 6th grade teacher at Mesa Middle School in Roswell.

“This town, this school district, they really lost something,” said Corey Brown, who worked with Johnson at Mesa Middle school.

Johnson was killed Monday after police say Victor Torres hit her head on.

Torres has caused a lot of problems around New Mexico in the past, many of them involving alcohol. State police believe Torres had been drinking and they say he’s already had three DWI arrests.

In 2007, Torres was charged with rape. The criminal complaint says he was extremely intoxicated. In 2008, Torres was charged with child abuse after punching his son in the face. According to police, Torres was drunk then too. In 2010, while drunk he tried to stab his girlfriend.

Torres is still in the hospital but police will test his blood to see if this is DWI number four. However, unlike in the past, Torres’s behavior has left people mourning.

“Hate to, to hear how, you know, if it was a drunk driver or however it happened but it just being so instant that you know, we lost somebody,” said Brown.